Pittenweem Arts Festival - Opening

30th July 2012
When the festival opened on Friday evening, Jean Duncan, the Arts Festival Chairperson, was the first visitor to arrive and with her genuine interest and positive comments, provided me with confidence for the week ahead. A great time was had by all at the opening party and after all the hard work, it was good to hear the feedback on my efforts.
Fortunately, it was all positive!

As this was my first ever festival exhibition, entered at the last moment with fantastic assistance and support by the local community in St Monans and Pittenweem, and also friends and family, it was a very frenetic affair and genuine pandemonium right to the wire. The first 3 days have now passed, and it has all come together with some good sales and very pleasing comments, both verbal and written in my comments book.

The facial expressions of some visitors says more than a thousand words, particularly on viewing the eclectic and figure studies! I believe some of my work is genuinely surprising to regular visitors to the festival. It is also rewarding to hear laughter at the humourous titles and discuss my work with so many people.

I am looking forward to the rest of the week, including my talk at 1pm on Thursday in which I plan to discuss my photographic take on life, some techniques which have influenced me and my future plans.